First time clients are attracted by the time-based approach to delivering financial advice.

The aim is to provide advice that sticks and to make recommendations that have staying power. Both of which are supported by a highly personal and custom retirement projection.

Retirement projections include asset allocation and specific investment recommendations which stem from a bias towards the ‘broadly diversified low-fee passively indexed‘ approach to investing.

A typical estimated fee range for a retirement projection is 10 to 14 hours, although some engagements run shorter and some run longer. The current hourly rate is $240.

The typical engagement spans four meetings total. 

The first meeting is simply to begin to gauge fit. Do we like each other, do we trust each other, do you find me to be knowledgeable?

The second meeting is when we use worksheets completed by you and account statements shared by you to reaffirm the process/benefits of the engagement and to affirm the estimated time range. If we decide to proceed, an outcome of that meeting will be a list of additional requested documents and production of the engagement letter.

The first meeting is brief. No preparation necessary on your part. The second meeting is the complimentary Get Acquainted meeting. No advice is offered during the first two meetings.

The third meeting typically includes the tax return report and a draft of the retirement projection. We should allow 60-75 minutes for that meeting. An education funding report is presented during the third meeting, if included in the engagement.

Then we wrap up with a final meeting during which we review the refined retirement projection and the financial recommendations.

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