First time clients are attracted by the time-based approach to delivering financial advice.

The aim is to provide advice that sticks and to make recommendations that have staying power. Both of which are supported by a highly personal and custom retirement projection.

Retirement projections include asset allocation and specific investment recommendations which stem from a bias towards the ‘broadly diversified low-fee passively indexed‘ approach to investing.

A typical estimated fee range for a retirement projection is 10 to 14 hours, although some engagements run shorter and some run longer. The current hourly rate is $240.

✓ Employer sponsored plans; including 401(k), 403(b), and TSP plans

✓ Retirement Annuities, including CSRS, FERS, and private pensions

✓ Retirement plan roll-overs; including Traditional IRAs and ROTH IRAs

✓ Mortgage, student loan, and consumer debt review and coaching

✓ Education funding; including 529 plans and Coverdell ESAs

✓ Life, disability, and long term care insurance needs recommendations

✓ Property and liability insurance needs recommendations

✓ Home purchase coaching

✓ Cash flow review and budgeting

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